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Pest & Disease Diagnosis AI System

The robot autonomously patrols at scheduled times to scout for diseases, and pests are captured in a separate pest trap.
The server automatically receives and analyzes captured pests using artificial intelligence deep learning,
determining disease symptoms and pest population density, and provides users with timely pest control guidelines and
standards via smartphone in real time.

What is a Pest and Disease Diagnosis AI System?

As the robot patrols and scouts for diseases, it stores the location and identified diseases in the database. For pests like moths in greenhouses, they are captured using a separate pest trap. At scheduled times, these are photographed, transmitted to the server for moth object identification, and the increase in population is stored in the database, helping users in making pest control decisions.

Concept Diagram of Pest and Disease Diagnosis Control System

병해충 진단 방제 시스템 개념도

Main Screens of the Pest and Disease Diagnosis AI System

Pest and Disease Diagnosis Control System App

A smartphone app that allows users to receive real-time pest and disease diagnosis results from anywhere.
Users can check these results and make pest control decisions via the app, instructing control robots.

병해충 진단 방제 시스템 APP

Three-axis Actuator-based Micro Pest Capture Device

A micro pest capture device with ultra-precision optical cameras, image merging technology, and deep learning technology for micro pests.

3축구동장치를 이용한 미소 해충 포집 장치