IT Convergence Inc. is leading the next generation of
ICT fields while aiming for various value creations,

based on the know-how accumulated through research and development in AI-based cloud service platform technology.

We are currently in an era of rapid technological change.
With technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Cloud Services (Cloud Service), along with the incorporation of Ubiquitous and Convergence, we are facing a global knowledge information society.

The criteria for judging the value of companies in this digital environment are also changing very rapidly.

In this trend of epochal change, IT Convergence is always striving to lead the next generation of digital technology environments, combining AI and cloud services, while also enhancing corporate value.
Furthermore, we are constantly researching, developing, and building the best and optimal technology platforms, based on the technical know-how developed through cooperation with numerous companies. IT Convergence, based on trust with various customers including partner companies, will build the best partnership for mutual Win-Win, and 'we will always do our best for successful value creation with various partner companies.'

Thank you.